About Us

From 2 acres of fertile land set in a Somerset valley I grow, cut, arrange and supply English country garden flowers.

My cutting garden has grown each year as more and more people have enjoyed my freshly cut posies of sweet peas, bouquets of deep pink peonies, jugs of richly scented stocks and wreaths of festive fragrant foliage. We now grow over 80 varieties of flowers, many of which you will not find in a florists shop.

After years of managing a smallholding providing our own grown fruit and vegetables for my family, I wanted to apply some of the same principles I had learnt to growing flowers now that there was less pressure on food production with my children at university.

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I grow things naturally with no chemicals or pesticides, if I have to lose a few plants to bugs or rabbits then that is the way it is.


I believe Mother nature had things planned out for us before we invented planes ,supermarkets and chemical processing. Just as we harvest our food seasonally, we do our flowers too. You can be sure that nothing you get from me will have been flown half way round the world, there is such an abundance that can be grown here and with some careful planning, hard work and a smile from nature we can provide colour and scent for most of the year.


I want to make sure that my flowers arrive with you as if they had just been cut from your own garden. They are picked, conditioned, arranged and ready  within hours to be despatched or delivered.

Long Lasting

Making everything go further, I cut and condition each flower according to its own specific requirements so that they last as long in the vase as they possibly can.

Country Style

I am a trained horticulturalist and florist second and my grandma’s granddaughter first.

I learnt so much from her and how things go together in arrangements, and I love showing off our beautiful flowers by simply letting them speak for themselves, in traditional, country style that has stood the test of time.

I think she would have been proud of me and I hope you enjoy them.

 A few words about Sweet Cicely...

The name Sweet Cicely comes from the herb which grows everywhere in my garden, even in places where it really shouldn’t such as suddenly bursting out from under rhubarb leaves. Historically people kept it close to the kitchen door so it was ready on hand to sweeten puddings and combat tart fruit. Although it well deserves its Sweet name it most obviously announces its presence with a rich aniseed smell and has been used in flavouring spirits like Schnapps and famously Chartreuse. Like all self respecting plants it has its handed down list of medicinal and practical benefits including, preventing infection from the plague, as a furniture polish and for relieving flatulence. Not a bad CV for such a simple unassuming plant.